Applying Leaves

An employee who is eligible for different leave types can apply leaves as per his/her organization policies.

Before applying leaves, the employee can check for available leave balances through the Employee Dashboard, if needed.

Leaves can be applied by a user with any these role types—Employee, Admin, Manager, or HR roles. If there are no leave policies configured for the user’s account and if the user tries to apply leave from the Transactions menu, an error message is displayed as shown in the following figure.

Error Displayed when No Leave Policy is Configured

Contact your Manager or HR, if there are no leave policies configured for your account.

Note: The leave policies are configured in SecurTime, usually by users with HR or Manager rolesFor more information on setting leave policies, see Creating a New Leave Policy.

Applying Leaves—For Employee Role

To apply leave applications in SecurTime

  1. Select Transactions > Leaves from the SecurTime side menu. The Leave Applications main page is displayed. The following figure is a sample page that shows records of all previously applied leaves of an employee.
Leave Applications Main Page
  1. Select +Apply Leave to apply the required leave. The Apply Leave page is displayed.
Applying Leaves
  1. Select the Leave Type. The leave types are displayed in the drop down as per the configurations (by your Manager, HR, or Admin user, as required). The drop down displays the number of available leaves for each leave type.
Available Leave Balance Display in Apply Leave Page

Suppose you have no available leave balance for a leave type, then the drop down displays the number of leaves for that leave type as zero. This is shown in the following figure.

Zero Leave Balance Display in Apply Leave Page when there are no more Leaves Available in that Leave Type
  1. Enter the following information in the fields:
    • Start Date—Enter the start date for your leave.
    • End Date—Enter the end date for your leave period.
    • Reason—Enter the reason for your leave application.

Note: The text entered in the Reason field should not be more than 100 characters. Else an error is displayed.

  1. You can apply half day leave on the first and last days of the leave date range. Select the required option in Include Half Day Leave?
  2. If you are applying sick leave, you can optionally provide more information on the doctor, or attach medical certificates, as per your organization’s sick leave policy. Optionally enter the following information:
    • Doctor Name
    • Doctor Email Id
    • Doctor Contact Number
    • Event Date—The date on which you consulted the doctor, or date of any medical procedure such as surgery.
    • Remarks—Any remarks that you want to include.
    • Attachment—Choose the evidence (for example, medical certificate or any other medical record) that you would like to provide to the company as a proof of your medical leave.
  3. Click Submit to submit the application. A message is displayed that the leave application was submitted successfully.  The leave application is displayed in the Leave Applications main page.

 Note : Once the Leave application is submitted, SecurTime sends email notifications about the application to the employee and all levels of approvers.

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