Applying OverTime Applications

Most organizations provide overtime benefits to employees who have worked for business requirements for more than normal work hours. The overtime policies are usually set by users with HR or Manager roles.

SecurTime also provides an option to submit OverTime (OT) application requests, for those employees who are eligible for overtime application. The eligibility of an employee for overtime is usually set by the HR or Manager.

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style=”font-size: 16px;”>Note : For more information on setting overtime policies by the admin, HR, or Manager roles, see Adding OverTime Policies.

Applying OverTime Applications – For Employee Role

To submit an OverTime application in SecurTime

  1. Select Transactions > Overtime from SecurTime side menu. The Overtime Applications main page is displayed.
Overtime Applications Main Page
  1. Select +Apply OverTime from Applications page. The Apply OverTime page is displayed.
Apply OverTime Page for Employee User Role
  1. Select the date on which you want to apply overtime from Date field.
  2. When you select Date, the OverTime field is automatically populated with your available overtime work hours. The overtime work hours are preset by the Admin, HR, or Manager users in OverTime policies.
  3. Select Submit to submit your OverTime application. A message is displayed that the application is submitted successfully.

The OverTime application is displayed in the Overtime Applications main page.

 Note : Once the OverTime application is submitted, SecurTime sends email notifications about the application to the employee and all levels of approvers.

Error Message seen if the Applicant is not Eligible for OverTime

Suppose the employee’s manager/supervisor has not set the eligibility of the employee for OverTime(OT), and the employee submits the overtime application, then an error message is seen as:

Error Message when the Applicant is not Eligible for OverTime