Assigning the Shift Forever Option for an employee

To configure and assign Shift ForEver in SecurTime

  1. Select Shift Management > Shift Assignment from SecurTime side menu. The Employees page is displayed.
Employees Page in Shift Forever Assignment
  1. Select the required employee to whom you want to assign the Shift For Ever option. The Actions menu is displayed.

 Note : You can select multiple employees to assign Shift ForEver. 

Actions Menu for Shift ForEver Assignment
  1. Select Actions menu and then select Assign Shift For Ever. The following Assign Shift screen is displayed.
Assign Shift Page
  1. Select the Shift Name from the drop down.
  2. Select the Start Date of the shift, that is, the date from which the shift is applicable to the employee. In this field, you can only select a date that is later than the current date.

 Note: There is no end date as this is the Shift ForEver configuration. 

  1. Click Save to save the Shift ForEver configuration.

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