Attendance Status Policy Management

Attendance policies help you define attendance status codes (system-defined or custom) for different employee groups.

To configure an attendance status policy in SecurTime

  1. Select Policy Management> Attendance Status. The Attendance Policies main page is displayed.
  2. Select +New Policy to add a new attendance policy. The New Policy page is displayed.
Adding an Attendance Policy 
  1. Select the affiliate from the drop down in Select Affiliate.
  2. Enter the new policy name in Policy Name.

 Note : When you enter the policy name, use only lower or uppercase letter combinations. You can also use number combinations with letters—for example, AttendancePolicy1. Spaces are allowed between characters. Special characters are not allowed in policy name, for example, @,&,_ are not allowed between letters or numbers.

  1. Select the date from which this policy would be effective from Effective Date.
  2. Select the Employee Group for which this new policy is applicable.
  3. Configure the Attendance Status Rule. SecurTime provides a list of system-defined attendance status codes as shown in the following figure. You can retain the system-specific attendance status codes or specify custom abbreviations.
Attendance Status Codes in Attendance Policy Configuration Page

In the New Policy page, the system-defined status codes are specified in the System Specific Status Code column. You can also specify a custom code for each attendance status by typing a custom code in the Enter Abbreviation field in User Specified Abbreviation column. In case you do not want to define any custom abbreviation, the system-defined codes are taken by default.

 Note: Before submitting the policy, you can save the draft policy and later refer to modify it, if required. For this, use the SAVE AS DRAFT option and the draft is saved in the Attendance Policies main page.

  1. Click Submit to save the new policy, if you have completed the policy configuration. The new attendance status policy is displayed in the  Attendance Policies main page.

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