Cloning Leave Policy Applications

You can create a clone of a leave policy, which is an exact similar copy of an existing leave policy and modify the clone to a new policy.

To clone a leave policy

  1. Select Policy Management> Leave Policies The Leave Policies main page is displayed.
  2. Select the checkbox near the leave policy that you want to clone. The Actions menu is displayed.
  3. Select Actions >Clone.
Clone Option in Actions Menu
  1. The selected policy is cloned and the newly cloned policy page is displayed.
New Policy Page
  1. You can change the policy name or edit this policy, as required.
  2. Click Submit to save the new policy, if you have completed the policy configuration.  A message is  displayed that the leave policy is successfully created.

    Message Display that Leave was Successfully Created
  3. The newly cloned leave policy is displayed in the Leave Policies main page. An email confirmation is sent to your registered mail id regarding the details of the new leave policy.