Configuring SecurAX Biometric Devices

To configure the SecurAX biometric device in SecurTime

  1. Select Device Settings> Configure Devices.  The Devices main page is displayed.
  2. Select +New Device to add a new device. The Configure Device window is displayed.
Configuring SecurAX Biometric Device
  1. Enter the following information in Configure Device window.
  • Device Serial Number

 Enter the serial number of the device.

 Note: You can find the device serial number in the System Information menu under Device Details inside the device OR on the sticker behind the device.

  • Select Affiliate

Select the affiliate where you want to configure the device.

  • Select Branch

Select the branch associated with the above selected affiliate.

 Note: The device time is updated as per the timezone of the selected branch, using its respective address that is configured while adding branch details. For more information on adding a branch to an affiliate, see Creating a Branch.

  • Select Device Model

For example: 1700, F603, I101,F703, etc.

  • Select Device Model Type

 There are two options available: Attendance and Attendance and Access Control

  • Device Location

 The physical location of the device. For example, first floor.

  • Select Device Communication

 There are three options available—WIFI, GPRS, and LAN

  • Select Device Direction

 There are three options—IN, OUT, and BOTH IN AND OUT

 Note: Based on the device direction that you select here, SecurTime considers the punch type as IN punch or OUT punch.

  1. When the required information are entered in the Configure Device window, click Save to save the configuration. The newly added device is displayed in the Devices main page.

The Devices page displays details of the added devices such as serial number, affiliate, branch, model number, physical location of the device, time zone, and active/inactive status.

Devices Main Page with Added Devices

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