Configuring Password Rule Policy

Password rule policies help you to define different rules for user passwords such as length of the password, time in which password expires, and the number of times a user can re-enter the password before logging in. You can also set optional rules that define the password such as the kind of characters that are mandatory when a user sets the password in SecurTime.

To configure the password rule policy for user profiles in SecurTime

  1. Select Policy Management > Pwd Rule Policy. The Password Policy page is displayed.
Configuring Password Policy
  1. Enter the Mandatory Rules.
    • Minimum Password LengthThe minimum number of characters that the password should have.
    • Password Expiration Period (in days)The maximum number of days for which the password remains valid. After completion of the Password Expiration Period, SecurTime prompts the user to change the password. Changing the password on a regular basis is required to prevent security breaches (such as preventing hackers or unauthorized users from getting access to user credentials).
    • Max number of Password Retry without CaptchaThe maximum number of times that the user can retry entering passwords, after which the login attempt fails.
  2. Enter the Optional Rules, if required. These rules are self-explanatory and they specify how the characters that define the password should be framed.
    • Require at least one number
    • Require at least one lowercase letter
    • Require at least one uppercase letter
    • Require at least one non-alphanumeric character
  3. Click Save to save the password rule policy.

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