Creating a Branch

You can create and associate branches with the required affiliates. For each branch, you can add any number of tags and associated tag values.

To create an organization branch and associate with an affiliate

  1. Select Organization > Branches from the SecurTime side menu. The Branches page is displayed.
  2. Select +New Branch. The Create Branch window is displayed.
Creating a Branch
  1. Select the affiliate where you want to associate this branch. For more information on creating new affiliates, see Creating an Affiliate.
  2. Enter the Branch Name.
  3. Enter the Branch Address. You can use Google search associated in this field, to choose and select the branch address.
  4. Select the Add Tag Value & Key link. The fields to enter the Tag Name and the corresponding Tag Value are displayed.
  5. Click Save. The new branch is added to the main Branches page.



  • You can associate a value with a tag. For example, you can tag the new branch with a “Country” tag name with tag value “India”.
  • You can enter more than one tag for a branch.
  • You cannot use the same tag name with different tag values and associate them with a single branch. For example, if you have created a tag with tag name as “Country” and tag value as “India”, then you cannot create a tag with the same tag name “Country” and add a tag value “Japan”, and map both to the same branch. This action can displays an error. Hence, you need to create unique tag names and associate them with different tag values.
  • You can create tags from Organization>Branches menu, as explained in this section.
  • You can also create tags and associate them with the branch of an affiliate from Organization>Manage Tags menu. For more information, see Creating Tags for Affiliates.