Employee Dashboard

A user with employee role can view the following Employee Dashboard in SecurTime. This dashboard provides a snapshot of the employee’s attendance, leaves, trend graphs for weekly hours worked, as well as additional information for the employee such as upcoming holidays and useful links.

The Employee Dashboard includes:

  • Calendar View of Monthly Attendance/Shift Status

The Employee Dashboard provides a calendar view which is a summary of the attendance/shift status for the month.

Default Employee Dashboard showing Attendance Details

You can view the attendance details of each day of the month, if you click on a particular day in the calendar view.

Daily Attendance Details on Calendar View

You can toggle the calendar view to display shift-details for each day, by selecting the Shifts toggle button at the right top corner of the calendar view.

Shift Details on Employee Dashboard

  • Available Leaves

This is a leave balance summary which displays the bar diagram comparing the available, consumed and pending leaves of the employee.


Sample Trend Graph showing Employee’s Available Leaves in Employee Dashboard
Sample Trend Graph showing Employee’s Consumed Leaves in Employee Dashboard

  • Graphical Plot of No: of Hours Worked 

This is a graphical representation of the number of hours that the employee has worked in the past seven days.

  • Upcoming Holidays/ Upcoming Leaves

This section of the dashboard displays the upcoming holidays for the organization with which the employee is associated. Toggle the view to Upcoming Leaves, if you want to view the upcoming leaves applied by the employee.

  • Birthday Wishes 

    This section of the dashboard provides you(employee) the option to send friendly birthday wishes to your colleagues, in the organization with which you are associated. Click on Send Wishes link to send the birthday wishes.

Option to Send Birthday Wishes to Colleagues

  • Useful Links

There are several useful links in the Employee Dashboard such as Holiday List which provides the list of all holidays for the organization in that calendar year. There are other quick links for HR Guide/Employee Handbook and Wiki Pages with useful information for the employee.

  • Option to Raise a Support Ticket 

Select the question mark icon  at the top right corner of the employee dashboard. The Contact Us page is displayed. You can raise a support ticket to SecurAX describing the issue you faced with SecurTime, if any.

Contact Us Page: Creating a New Support Ticket from Employee Dashboard
  1. Enter the Subject of your ticket.
  2. Enter your Contact Number.
  3. Enter the issue in the Message field.
  4. Upload any images using the Choose File option.
  5. Select Create Support Ticket. A mail is sent to the SecurAX support team.
Message Displaying Successful Creation of Support Ticket


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