Leave Balance Report

The leave balance report is useful to view details of the leave balances of any member (any employee) of a configured affiliate, department, or branch within SecurTime. This report gives clear details of the opening and closing leave balances as on date, as well as details of leave credits and debits during the selected date range.

In this report, the leave balances are displayed for each transaction type. Examples of the different transaction types can be:

  • Opening Balance
  • Closing Balance
  • Comp-off Approved Credit
  • Manual Leave Credit
  • Leave Approved Debit

The leave balance report can be generated by any roles including the Employee user role.

Report Settings

The Report Settings screen allows you to set the required report columns in the Leave Balance Report.

Report Settings for Leave Balance Report

Switch on/off the required report columns and select Apply to configure the Report Settings.

Report Filters

You can filter the leave balance report by Affiliate, Branch, Department, Tags, or by Custom Masters added for an affiliate.  The report can be generated for individual employees of the organization too by directly selecting the name of the employee  from the Select Employee drop down. Select the date range in Start Date and End Date. The opening leave balance in the report is populated based on the date range selected.

 Note: By default, the report is displayed for a time period of one month. Suppose you have only selected the Start Date, then the End Date filter is automatically populated to a date in such a way that the Start Date and End Date time period equals a month’s time period.

Viewing the Report

When you select View Report button, the report displays information in those report columns that are selected in the Report Settings. Note that the report columns are displayed in the same order as you have set in the Report Settings screen.

Leave Balance Report

Downloading Leave Balance Report

Select the Download Report button in the top right corner of the Leave Balance Report page.

The report details are downloaded in the MS Excel format.

Downloading the Leave Balance Report