Managing Shifts

A user with Manager role can schedule shifts for the employees,  and a user with HR or Admin user roles can create the required number and type of shifts in SecurTime.

The Manage Shifts menu helps you to create new shifts, edit, or delete them, if required.

Manage Shifts Menu in SecurTime

Shifts Main Page 

Select Shift Management> Manage Shifts to access the Shifts main page.

This page provides:

  • Display of all Configured Shifts

This page displays all the shifts that you have configured in SecurTime.

  • Sorting Shifts View

The Shifts main page can be sorted by the shift name or shift type. Click on the label Name or Shift Type in the Shifts main page, to sort the view.

Sorting Shifts Main Page by Name of the Shift
  • Search Option

The Search Shift option helps you to search the required shifts from the Shifts main page.

Search Shifts Option
  • Download option to View Shift Configuration Information

You also get a download option to view your shift configurations in the MS Excel format.

Download Option in Shifts Main Page

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