SecurTime Password Rules and Password Reset Option

This section provides more information on the basic password setting rules, and how to reset the password.

  • Password characters: The SecurTime password should have certain mandatory characters or letters as given in the following list:
    • Password must contain at least one non-Alpha Numeric character (#?!@$%^&*-)
    • Password must contain at least one digit
    • Password must contain at least one lower case character
    • Minimum Length of the password should be 8
    • Password must contain at least one upper case character

  • Forgot Password: If you have forgotten the password, then click on the Forgot Password? link. The following Forgot Password screen is displayed. 
“Forgot Password ?” Screen
  • Enter your login email id and click Submit.
  • An email is sent to you with the password reset options.
Sample Password Reset Mail
  • In this mail, click on the tab with the login link to reset the password, and login to the system.

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