Onboarding an Organization

The first task of an administrator is to onboard or configure the organization. The organization represents the company which you are configuring in SecurTime.

An organization consists of many affiliates, related branches, and departments.

Organization and its Affiliates 

The onboarding process consists of setting up all the affiliates of the organization and related affiliate configurations.

To begin with, in SecurTime, you must configure all the affiliates first and add them to the organization. You can add any number of affiliates to an organization.

Affiliates and Related Configurations

You can configure the related branches, departments and all other related configurations such as employment types, holidays, leave types, employees, and employee groups and relate them to the required affiliate.

Once you have setup the organization and its affiliates, you can now proceed to set up the biometric device, and then add different workforce management policies required for your organization. SecurTime provides a wide range of policies to manage your organization’s workforce in the most effective manner.

You can also manage the shifts of different employee groups within your organization. This Shift Management feature provides convenient shift configuration options that simplify the complexity in dealing with different shift timings and employee groups.

The Reports and the Dashboards help you to measure, track, and report time and attendance of all employees of your organization and its affiliates. The analytics and information presented in the dashboards provide an overall picture of the operational data and enable you to gain insights about organizational performance, which can help you to make informed decisions and proactively manage your employees.

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