Punctuality Report

The Punctuality Report provides information on how late the employee arrived to the office or how early the employee logged out for the day from office, based on the punch in/out data.

Select the Report Settingsicon in case you want to add/remove columns or arrange columns.

The following figure shows a sample Punctuality Report that is filtered by Punch_Date, Employee_ID, Designation_Name, Punch_IN, Punch_Out, Shift_Out, Hours Worked, Late By, and Early by.

If you have not selected anything in Late By or Early by filters, the report shows all the late by and early by timings.
You can also input the time to fetch data of users late by xx minutes or left early by xx minutes.

Sample Punctuality Report


When you click the Download Report button, the report is downloaded to your computer in the MS Excel format. The following figure shows a sample report:

Punctuality Report Downloaded in MS Excel Format