SecurTime Dashboards

When you login to SecurTime, you are directed to the default dashboard, depending on your user role.

There are two main dashboards in SecurTime:


You can switch between these two dashboards using the switch button present in the upper right corner of the Employee Dashboard.

Switch button for SecurTime Dashboards

Once you switch to Admin Dashboard, the button changes to green color and the Admin Dashboard is displayed.

Switching to Admin Dashboard 

Key Features of Dashboards
  • Simplifying Complex Data Set Analysis: Each of these dashboards provide visual displays of the different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to the Workforce Management of your organization.

The dashboards provide a useful platform to visually analyze and track information, simplifying the analysis of huge and complex data sets, and helping you gain an overall view of shifts and attendance, employee attendance trends over a period of time, attendance analytics, or source of punches in biometric devices.

  • Using Filters to View Specific Data: You can filter the data displayed in the dashboard using appropriate filters—for example, suppose you want to view only the trends and analytics related to a specific branch in an affiliate, you can use the filters provided in the dashboard to view this information.

  • Viewing Live Data: These dashboards are populated with live data from SecurTime web application. SecurTime provides you an option to view the live data for each analytics category displayed in the Admin Dashboard.