SecurTime Reports

SecurTime provides a range of reports for effective workforce management. These reports map data based on different parameters such as affiliate name, branch name, employee ID, employee name, designation name, category name, shift in/out timings, punch in/out timings, hours worked, hours late by or early to work, work location, or attendance status.

Reports Menu

The Reports main menu provides different kinds of reports related to workforce management. Each report has options to generate, download, or view the report for a specific time range. Depending on your user role, some of the reports may not be displayed. For example, for an employee user role, the Unregistered Employees report may not be visible in the Reports main menu.

Reports Menu

Features of SecurTime Reports

The SecurTime reports have the following general features:

  • Time Range: You can generate reports for any time range. The range can be one month from the start date that you select for the report, while generating the report.
  • Report Settings: You can add or remove report column names OR reorder them in the Report Settings. Thus, you can create your own custom reports by selecting/deselecting column names or re-arranging the report columns through drag and drop.
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  • Report Filters: You can generate the reports for a specific affiliate, branch, or department, or for all affiliates, branches or departments. By using filters, you can generate reports for individual employees or groups of employees. Select the specific filter or enter required information in required filter(s).
  • Viewing Reports: The reports can be viewed in the same Reports page with View Report option.
  • Sorting Report Column View: While viewing reports, the data in the report columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headings.
  • Editable Report Columns: You can adjust the width of the report columns displayed within SecurTime. You can also copy and paste the contents of the report or part of it (for example, all the data in a column) to another tool—for example notepad/excel sheet.
  • Download Option: You can download reports in the MS Excel format to your computer.
  • Save Report Option: You can save reports within SecurTime and view them later from Saved Reports menu. The reports are saved with the selected filter. This avoids selecting the filters repeatedly while generating the same reports again.

Error Message

If the reports data is not available, SecurTime provides an error message that the report is not available.

Error Message: Report not Available for Selected Date

If the filters that you have selected to generate the report cannot retrieve required data, the following error message is displayed.

Error Message: Report is not Available for Selected Filter


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