Shift Roster Draft Options

The Shift Roster can be saved as draft and you can work on it when required.

  • Select the Actions menu in the Shift Roster main page. The following options are displayed.
    • Save as Draft
    • Load from Draft
    • Manage Drafts
Save as Draft Option in Shift Roster Page


  • Save as Draft: If you select this option, a window is displayed which shows two options—Save as New and Update Draft.
Save Draft Options


  • If you select Save as New, then enter the draft name and then click Save.
Save as New Option
  • If you select Update Draft, then select the draft name and then click Save.
Update Draft Option


  • Load Draft Option: This option helps to replace the existing draft with the modified data.
Load Draft Option

Select the check box Replace only unassigned fields with draft data, for this purpose. If this check box selected, it  updates the draft data into the blank fields of the existing Shift Roster. If this check box is not selected, the entire shift roster data is replaced with the draft data.

  • Manage Drafts Option: The drafts that you have already saved are seen in this window. Select the draft, and you have option to delete the draft.
Manage Drafts Option


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