Uploading Designation Module Data

To bulk upload Designation module data to SecurTime

  1. Select Bulk Upload from SecurTime side menu. The Bulk Upload main page is displayed.
  2. Click the +Upload button.  The Bulk Upload page is displayed.
  3. Select the Affiliate. This step is mandatory to proceed to the next steps.
  4. Select DESIGNATION for which you want to bulk upload data, from Module.
Bulk Upload of Designation Data
  1. If you have the required data in .xls format, you can use the Choose File option and browse for the file in your computer.
  2. Else, you can download the bulk upload template for Designation module, using the Download Template button on the top right menu of the Bulk Upload page. The template has the following format. In this template, DesignationName is a mandatory field.
Bulk Upload Template for Designation Module
  1. Enter the required data either in standard template format (step 5) or in your custom template (step 4).
  2. Select +Upload Data to bulk upload the Designation data file to SecurTime. The data is bulk uploaded and the record is saved in Bulk Upload main page.
  3. Select the record by checking the nearby checkbox, to view the status of the newly added record. The Actions menu is displayed.
  4. Click View Status. The bulk upload Status Summary page is displayed as shown in the following figure.
Designation: Bulk Upload Status Summary Page

This summary page shows all details of the bulk upload including details of successfully uploaded records and failed records.

Alternately you can just click on the record in the Bulk Upload main page to view the Status Summary page.

 Note:  Click on the Download logs button to view the list of failed bulk uploads in MS Excel format, for this module.