User Profile Update Policies

Profile Update Policies enable you to define policy rules that allow users to update their profile information. A user with HR/Admin/ Manager role can set this policy by defining the fields that the employees can update on their own in the Update Profile Information page. When this policy is set, employees can update their personal profile information in this page, by themselves.

To create a new user profile update policy in SecurTime

  1. Select Policy Management> Profile Update Policies. The Profile Update Policies main page is displayed.
  2. Select + New Policy to add a new policy. The New Policy page is displayed.
Adding New User Profile Update Policy
  1. Select the affiliate from the drop down in Select Affiliate.
  2. Enter the new policy name in Policy Name.

 Note : When you enter the policy name, use only lower or uppercase letter combinations. Spaces are allowed between characters. Special characters are not allowed in policy name, for example, @,&,_, or numbers such as 1, 2,3 are not allowed.

  1. Select the date from which this policy would be effective from Effective Date.
  2. Select the Employee Group for which this new policy is applicable.
  3. Check the fields that are required to be part of this policy from Personal Details.
  4. You can add the following Personal Details fields in the policy:
    • Upload Photo
    • Emergency Contact Number
    • Personal Address
    • Personal Email ID
    • Aadhar Number
    • Emirates Number
    • PF or UAN Number
    • Gender

 Note: Before submitting the policy, you can save the draft policy and later refer to modify it, if required. For this, use the SAVE AS DRAFT option and the saved policy is displayed in the Profile Update Policies main page. 

  1. Click Submit to save the new policy, if you have completed the policy configuration. The new profile update policy is displayed in the Profile Update Policies main page. 

 Note:  When this policy is set, an employee can view, edit, or update his/her profile information from Settings> Update Profile Information page.

Updating Profile Information from Update Profile Information Page