Withdrawing the Special Request Application

You can view the special request application in SecurTime and take specific actions on the application.  Based on the user role and privileges, the options displayed on the View page may vary. For example, an employee can only withdraw the special request application whereas the Admin user can withdraw, decline, or approve the application.

The special request application can be withdrawn by the employee, or in any specific case, also by other user roles such as Admin, HR, or Manager.

 Note : The applicant (for example, employee) can withdraw the special request application as long it is in the submitted state. The state of the application can viewed in the Logs section of the View page.

Withdrawing the Special Request Application (Role: Employee)

This section is specific to the employee user role.

An employee can withdraw a special request application, if needed, even after the application is approved by his/her manager.

To withdraw a special request application, an employee should perform the following steps:

  1. Select Transactions> Special Requests. The  Special Requests main page is displayed.
My Application Page— Special Requests
  1. Select the checkbox near the application which you want to view, from My Applications page. The Actions menu is displayed.
View Option in Special Requests —My Applications Page
  1. Select the View option in Actions menu. The View page is displayed.
Withdraw Option in View Page for a Sample Special Requests Application
  1. Select the Withdraw button. The Enter Message window is displayed.
Enter Message Window
  1. Enter the reason for which you want to withdraw this application in the Enter Message window.
  2. Select Submit. A message is displayed that the application is withdrawn.
Success Message on Withdrawing the Special Request Application
  1. The revised application is displayed in My Applications page.
  2. Click on the application and check the View page to view the change in status to WITHDRAWN.
  3. You can also check the the Logs section to view the history of status changes.

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