Viewing Newly Created Employee Details

To view the details of a newly created employee

  1. Select Organization >Employees from the SecurTime side menu. The Employees main page is displayed.
  2. Select the checkbox near the employee’s record and then select Actions>View.
Actions>View Menu in Employees Main Page

The View Employee page is displayed.

Here, you can view the details of the employee such as official information, personal information, contact information, mapped devices, and employment status.

Viewing the Employee’s Official Information

The personal profile information of the employee can be seen in Personal Info section.

Viewing the Employee’s Personal Information

In the contact information, you can verify whether the welcome email has been sent to the employee (or not). If the welcome email is sent, a text message is seen below the official email as (Welcome Email Sent).

Viewing the Employee’s Contact Information

In the Map Device section, you can view the biometric devices to which the employee has been granted access.

Viewing the Employee’s Mapped Biometric Devices’s Details

In the Exit Info, you can view the employment status of the employee as ACTIVE or INACTIVE, as per the configuration.

Viewing the Employee’s Employment Status