Viewing the Leave Application

To view a leave application

  1. Select Transactions > Leaves from SecurTime side menu. The Leave Applications main page is displayed.
  2. Select the View option from Actions menu.
View Menu for Leave Applications

The View page is displayed where you can view the submitted leave application.

Note: You can also click directly on the leave application (without going through the Actions>View option) and the View page is displayed.

Viewing a Leave Application
  1. Click on Logs to view the Action Status of the leave application.

Depending on your user role, the View page displays additional options—Withdraw, Decline, or Approve.

For users with Admin, HR, or Manager roles, all the three options are displayed.

View Leave Page Options for Admin, HR, or Manager User Roles

For users with employee user roles, only the Withdraw option is displayed.

View Leave Page Options for Employee User Role

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