Withdrawing a Leave Application

When you apply a leave application, at some point if you do not want to proceed with the application, then you can withdraw the application.

To withdraw the leave application

  1. Select the checkbox near the leave application in the Leave Applications main page.
  2. Select Actions>View. The View page is displayed.
View Leave Page —Options for Employee User Role
  1. Select the Withdraw option in the right top corner of the page. A message box is displayed, where you need to enter the reason for your leave application.
Enter Message Dialogue Box for Withdrawing Leave Application
  1. Select Submit. A message is displayed that your Leave application was successfully withdrawn.
Success Message on Withdrawing the Leave Application
  1. The revised application is displayed in My Applications page.
  2. Click on the application and check the View page to view the change in status to WITHDRAWN.
  3. You can also check the the Logs section to view the history of status changes.