Types of Policies

SecurTime provides different types of policy configurations for workforce management.

Policy Management Menu in SecurTime

These include:

  • Leave Policies—Policy configurations for different types of leaves with advanced leave configuration rules for leave accrual, auto-credit, leave type combination and separation, leave evidence, borrow and carry forward, loss of pay, leave avail rules, and min/max leave configuration rules .
  • Attendance Status Policies—Policy configurations for custom/system-defined attendance statuses.
  • Profile Update Policies—Policy configurations that enable employees to update their personal profile/data.
  • Comp-off Policies—Policy configurations for comp-off leave approval-conditions and validity.
  • OT Policies—Policy configurations that define the rules when an employee works overtime, with configurations for overtime timer, threshold, and transaction settings.
  • Workhour Policies—Policy configurations for setting threshold workhours for different days (partial, full day week-offs, etc.) and break types for different shifts.
  • Password Rule Policies—Policy configurations that define the mandatory and optional rules that can be set for any passwords.
  • Configuring Policy Workflows—Options for Policy Workflow configurations when there are different levels of approvers.